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Want to try before you subscribe or just need an extra bag for the month? No problem we’ve got you covered. Just select the region you want, tell us how you want the beans and then tell us how many bags and we’ll do the rest. Not sure which one to chose? Check out our easy to understand guide below to help you pick or you can try them all!

Brazil Mogiana

This is a lighter tasting coffee that is low in acidity with a sweet aroma. This makes for a great morning or late afternoon coffee Or for those who do not like a very strong tasting cup of coffee. This is also makes for an amazing espresso base. We recommend this for those who like a medium to dark roast that is not overpowering.

Cost Rican Tarrazu

This coffee boasts a great aroma and has a very smooth full bodied taste with fruity notes and a hint of chocolate and apricot. This roast is great any time of day and boasts a medium acidity level with moderate caffein to help you make it through your day. We recommend this roast for those who like a medium to slightly dark roast.

Tanzania Peaberry

This coffee has a strong sweet aroma and is matched with its strong sweet taste. Our peaberry roast has notes of chocolate and nuts and has an exceptional my smooth taste while still being strong. We recommend this roast for those that like a dark roast and strong flavors.