Coffee Guide

When it comes to specialty coffee there is no one size fits all solution. We know that all of our club members enjoy their coffees in various different ways from cold brew and espresso to pour over and standard drip. So below we have outlined the the taste profiles of each of our coffees so that you can pick the coffee that is perfect for you!



In need of a coffee that is not overbearingly strong but also not weak? Then this will be a great fit for you. Our Brazil coffee is exceptionally smooth with a great taste that allows your favorite creamers or syrups to come through nicely making every sip amazing. We also love to make cold brew coffee with this origin as flavoring this coffee is extremely easy to do!


This coffee is something special and has quickly grown into our top selling coffee! This coffee is strong yet extremely smooth with notes of milk chocolate, maple syrup and fruit. When we first tried this we knew it was something special and we were not wrong! So if you're looking to try an amazing coffee that will make your mornings more delightful then we strongly suggest you give this one a try!


When we started working on our custom house blend we knew that we wanted a blend of coffee that was very flavorful, smooth and versatile. So after much trial and error we finally found the perfect blend that checks off all of the boxes! A cup of coffee that is flavorful with a smooth finish that tastes great any way you make it! So if you're looking for an all around great cup of coffee that you can grind up and enjoy as an espresso or order pre-ground and throw in the coffee pot in the morning, then this will be a great choice for you!


Mornings can either be peaceful or extremely chaotic so we made a coffee that can help in either situation. Our morning blend is made from coffee beans that are all low in acidity with a moderate amount of caffeine so that you wont have stomach issues or caffeine jitters early in the morning while still delivering an exceptional taste that pairs well with your favorite creamers or syrups!


Some people like the standard which is perfectly fine, but then there are those who want the finner things in life. Well for those people we created the premium blend. This coffee is made from our most expensive and highest quality specialty coffee beans and truly delivers a premium cup of coffee! With a bold smooth taste and a velvet like finish, this is what premium coffee is.


If you have never tried a peaberry coffee then you are truly missing out! Unlike most coffees, peaberry only produces one dense seed instead of two halves that most people are used to. So what does that mean for taste? It's amazing! This specific peaberry has notes of chocolate and sweets in a bold yet smooth cup of coffee. What makes this coffee even more amazing is that it leaves a silky smooth feel in your mouth after every sip!