How it’s roasted

  So at some point you may ask the question what makes this coffee taste so much better than anything I have ever drank before and there are two answers to that. The first answer is that we only import beans from small farms where the farmer actually takes their time to grow the perfect bean at the perfect altitude and then harvests the beans properly before sending them to us. The second answer is our roasting process. Unlike large coffee manufacturers who are more focused on producing large quantities at a cheap cost, we prefer to produce small batches that are roasted by people who actually love coffee. To achieve this we have to do what others are not willing to do and that is roast the perfect small batch of 6-7 lbs at a time using convection roasting. 

So what’s the difference in convection roasting and drum roasting you may ask? Well let’s think of roasting coffee like popping popcorn. A drum roaster would be like popping it at home. You pull out the bag squeeze it a few times and then lay it horizontally in the microwave and hit the popcorn button. Every single time the microwave cooks and pops the bag of popcorn the exact same way and never changes. When you open the bag though you may find that some kernels did not pop or half way popped while some were perfect and a few got burnt. Well drum roasting is a lot like that. Arms rotate in a horizontal motion tumbling the beans around on top of a heat source and while some beans may stay on top longer and not get perfectly roasted, others may get trapped on bottoms and burnt. After that they are all mixed together and then stored until they are ready to be packaged and sent to a retail store to sit and wait even longer on a shelf losing its freshness. 

  But then there’s our way! Using the same metaphor as before now imagine you go to a movie theater where every kernel popped is just as perfect as before and the taste is so much better than what you could make at home! That’s basically how convection roasting works. We put a small batch of perfectly harvested coffee into our hopper and then slowly add both heat and air to the hopper creating what looks like a fountain of coffee. By doing it this way we can add the perfect amount of heat and air at the exact times to get a perfectly even roast without any beans ever getting trapped and over roasted or stuck on top under roasted. But we don’t stop there. After the batch is done we immediately remove the fresh roasted beans from the hopper and place them in a rapid cool station so that we can preserve both the roast profile and oils! You wouldn’t leave a pizza in the oven when you’re done cooking just because you turned the oven off because we all know it would get burnt so why do that with coffee? Coffee beans are just like anything else that you roast or cook which means even after you take it off the heat source it is still roasting from all the absorbed heat which is why it’s important to rapid cool the beans so that every roast comes out perfect. The only thing that makes it even better is every single batch is roasted to order and then shipped directly to you so that every bag is as fresh as possible! So again welcome to the club and get ready to start enjoying the freshly roasted coffee that you deserve!